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Based in West Sussex, Caravel was established in 1994 by Dennis Hamley, with the aim of simplifying and speeding insurance claims by providing a ‘one stop’ solution for insurance companies and Loss Adjustors where claims involve antiques, collectibles, porcelain, crystal, etc.

Specialising in fields such as antiques, works of art, porcelain, crystal, collectibles etc, we offer a complete claims management service – from initial liaison with the Policyholder to the sourcing or restoration of damaged or lost items, including items in the retired market.

Our contact database includes experts from many fields, each of whom has been individually assessed and vetted to ensure the highest quality of work. This access to specialists – on a nation wide basis – means we are able to offer a speedy, cost effective, service for replacement of articles no longer in production as well as for current items.

As part of our unwavering focus on client satisfaction we work to establish a close rapport with your client without compromising confidentiality thereby raising client perception of your company.

The organisation is, and will remain, privately owned, allowing the time to ensure attention to detail and the freedom to concentrate on providing the highest level of customer service.

We work in close co-operation with all parties, simplifying and speeding the claims process; reducing overheads and ancillary costs and enhancing policyholder confidence in the insurance provider.

We save you time and money by reducing your administration,
overheads and paperwork.

In addition to providing a full claims handling service, we also offer a Fastrak Valuation service; Mediation / Arbitration when needed and Workshops to help your staff classify items more accurately and assist in the identification of potentially fraudulent claims.