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Procedures Overview
Standard Procedures are applied to all claims. These procedures are designed to ensure traceability and to safeguard confidentiality at all times; to provide peace of mind for you and to provide your clients with confidence that the claim is handled professionally. The process is monitored at all stages. A full copy of our procedures is available on request.

The following is an overview of our procedures. Full details are available on request.

Stage 1
On initial contact, a confirmation fax is sent to the Insurance Company; New Loss Form completed; reference number allocated and a Claim File opened.
Stage 2
Contact is made with the policyholder and with an expert specialising in the appropriate area. Where replacement is required an estimate of the cost and availability is obtained.
Stage 3
On receipt of the Specialist’s report (or valuation / estimate) a report and invoice are issued. On receipt of approval to proceed and, where appropriate, payment of the invoice, an order will be sent to the specialist. To protect clients, the final balance of the money is released to suppliers only on confirmation of customer satisfaction.
Stage 4
On return of the restored item to the policyholder (or delivery of the replacement) a Satisfaction Note and Discharge Form, together with a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire are sent to the policyholder.
Stage 5
On return of the forms details of the completed Response Questionnaire are added to our database. If required, a copy can be forwarded to you for your records confirming your client's satisfaction. All responses are monitored and analysed.