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- the cost effective, swifter, service for lower cost items

Fact : A continually increasing level of ‘lower value’ claims means a heavier and heavier workload for Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters.

Fact : It can take the same amount of time and effort to obtain a valuation, and process a claim, for items worth £2000 as it can a claim for items worth £20,000.


Aimed specifically at claims where the individual item value is below £2000*, and including the areas covered by the full Caravel service, Fastrak speeds the valuation process for the lower cost claims – making life easier for all Claims Handlers and Incident Managers. The simplicity and speed of the process means claims can be handled much more swiftly; with no fuss – and considerably less paperwork than ever before.

1) You fax or post a completed Fastrak Valuation Request Form, along with any supporting evidence.

2) We Deal with your request :
    • Make (single) contact with Policyholder to confirm matter in hand and establish maximum information on articles
    • Carry out research on articles necessary to establish accurate valuation
3) We fax the valuation details to you within 5 working days - All on the one form

Advantages ?
  • all information kept together on one sheet of paper.
  • less administration / paperwork
  • easier tracking
  • more satisfied policyholders – and more quickly
Basic Conditions :
  1. Information must be submitted on the appropriate Valuation Request Form.
  2. Each Fastrak Valuation Request is charged at a fixed rate of £95.00 per form.
  3. The service is strictly limited to one claim / policyholder per form.
  4. Each Valuation Request may cover a maximum of 5 items – provided that all are related to a single claim
  5. Requests are handled on the basis of a normal maximum turn round time of 5 days
  6. Valuations are provided based strictly on the information / evidence provided – ‘items unseen’
  7. Fastrak is aimed at lower value claims – i.e. below a ceiling of £2000 per item.
  8. Fastrak service is offered in all the areas covered by the full Caravel service.
          Simply fax : 01243 555327